MIDM | Beauty permeate colored

"Self get it beauty at home"
Jen'y 3D Motion tackes care of your skin.

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Jen’y 3D Motion

Jen’y 3D Motion

Equipped with iontophoresis and combined functions, such as heating, cooling, vibration therapy, UV sterilization and etc.



Gold Ampoule, the beginning of a new paradigm.

Binim Whitening Solution Mask

Binim Whitening Solution Mask

A tight sheet face mask filing skin with gold and vitamin water to give luster and vitality.


Mi (美,beauty) D’m(permeate, colored)

Mid’m(미듬, Beauty that permeates your life.)
June 2018, Mid’m was founded to lead a higher level of “Home Beauty” trend, and developed a product to take care of our skin effectively and conveniently at home

Mid’m has the meaning of “Beauty that permeates your life” with a trustworthy product.
We are a young start-up company, but each of our member has over 10 years of experience in opportunities and development of medical and beauty products.

Trustworthy product that is made out of new passion and experience on Home Beauty. We will provide you a new amazing experience for your beautiful skin.

Jen’y 3D Motion
Jen’y 3D Motion vibrating head
allows you to care elaborately even
the curved parts of your skin.
Jen’y 3D Motion
 Head Movement

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